Authorizer Resource: Multiple Measures Readiness Assessment

Authorizer Resource: Multiple Measures Readiness Assessment

NACSA and our partners have been working on innovative ways to evolve definitions of school quality, including Multiple Measures. Multiple Measures is a both/and accountability system: BOTH long-used and normed measures AND new measures of school quality that are school- and/or mission-specific. 

In essence, Multiple Measures is the future of school accountability. 

NACSA’s new Multiple Measures Readiness Assessment is designed for schools and authorizers to understand if they are ready to begin implementing Multiple Measures together.

Implementing Multiple Measures is challenging and worthwhile work that many authorizers and schools have already begun. These folks are willing to try approaches that will likely be imperfect, but they are committed to iterating and strengthening the work together. This work also takes time and commitment to learning. But authorizers don’t have to start with all schools in your portfolio. You can start with one school that seems most ready, or a small cohort of schools that can learn with you together. Multiple Measures may take more time and effort upfront, but having more useful data on student performance can help with decision-making later. This Readiness Assessment, alongside our resources and guidance and support from our partners, like A-GAME, will help you get started. 

Multiple Measures is valuable work. When we have a full picture of school quality, then schools, authorizers, and parents are equipped to make better-informed, more sustainable decisions that benefit students. 

Multiple Measures Readiness Assessment

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