Federal Education Policy

Federal Education Policy Resources

Federal Education Policy

NACSA advocates federal policies that support and provide resources for strong authorizing activity across the country.


Elementary and Secondary Education Act

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) is the vehicle by which Congress sets policy and directs resources for K-12 public education in the United States. ESEA impacts charter schools, and charter school authorizing, related to: funding; assessments; accountability and oversight. This includes setting policy and funding priorities for the Public Charter School Program.


Appropriations and Federal Grants

Each year Congress authorizes funding for education priorities through the annual appropriations process. NACSA advocates for funding that supports a high-quality charter sector through a variety of federal programs.


Putting Policy into Practice

As public schools, charter schools are subject to the same federal requirements as traditional public schools. How charter schools fulfill these requirements, however, can sometimes look different. NACSA works with federal policymakers, authorizers, and the charter school community to ensure charter schools can meet all federal requirements while upholding the foundational charter school principles of autonomy, accountability, and transparency.