Nexus at NACSA

Nexus at NACSA

Practice + People = Excellence

For more than two decades, NACSA has been the leading source for authorizing best practice, backed by research and experience. And as schooling evolves, authorizing is also evolving. Part of this evolution for NACSA means taking our authorizing support and applying it to unique and custom solutions with Nexus at NACSA–a new consulting division of NACSA.  Our evolution reflects what we’ve heard and learned from you: it takes STRONG practice and STRONG people to create sustainable change.

Nexus is the first-of-its-kind consulting to combine people and practice to create excellence. Nexus means, “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.” By connecting people and practice, Nexus at NACSA enables educators to build confidence and resilience and chart the course for sustainable change.

Leading Nexus at NACSA is also an evolution for me.  I have worked across the country in and around charter schooling for more than 20 years as a school founder, board member, executive director of a support organization, authorizer, and as a NACSA leader. My career is full of opportunity to live out my passion for and commitment to ensuring that a zip code does not determine the quality of a child’s education. And I couldn’t be more excited about this new approachand opportunity to continue learning from and partnering with colleagues who truly are changing student and community outcomes.

-Amy Ruck Kagan

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