Join the Conversation by Listening to Our New Podcast

Join the Conversation by Listening to Our New Podcast

Stream our podcast, Community Conversations with NACSA, wherever you listen!

With new guests and hosts each episode, you’ll hear from a wide variety of experts as they answer questions like:

  • “What can be done to ensure families have access to high-quality education for their children?”
  • “How can school leaders allow educators the autonomy they need to best serve students?”
  • “How should schools be held accountable for their performance?”
  •  And, “When we say ‘quality,’ what does that really mean?”

The Truth About Charter School Oversight

NACSA’s Vice President of Communications, Courtney Hughley, and NACSA President & CEO, M. Karega Rausch dispel myths about charter school accountability and provide crucial insight into what leads to schools that produce really great outcomes for kids, families, and communities.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Education 

NACSA Chief Operating and Talent Officer, Guerschmide Saint-Ange sits down with NACSA’s Vice President of Policy & Institutional Change, Veronica Brooks-Uy to discuss DEI in authorizing and the broader education sector.

Working With Communities

NACSA’s Vice President of Authorizer Learning and Development, David
Greenberg, sits down with  founder of Venn Education, Dave Hartman, to discuss the importance of making community voices, needs, aspirations, and involvement central to all authorizing decisions.

The Evolution of School Accountability

NACSA’s Director of Authorizer & School Quality, Jay Whalen, sits down with Rafael Simmons, Chief Portfolio Innovation and Accountability Officer at New Orleans Public Schools, and Jeff Wasbes, Executive Deputy Director for Accountability at SUNY Charter Schools Institute, to discuss the evolution and future of school accountability.

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