Applying Authorizing Principles Across Education

Applying Authorizing Principles Across Education

In 2022, NACSA thoroughly reviewed its historical work to identify the principles of quality authorizing with the greatest potential for broader applicability beyond the charter school sector. NACSA staff and advisors looked at potential impact beyond charter schooling, adoption viability, and whether there were existing examples of broader implementation.

After a series of internal and external incubation sessions, NACSA identified four key principles of authorizing with significant potential for broader applicability. Learn more.

Listen to our podcast episode, Applying Authorizing Principles Across Education, to hear education experts Jason Zwara (NACSA), Joseph Escobedo (Albuquerque Public Schools), and David Frank (New York State Education Department) discuss why authorizers are uniquely positioned to lead when it comes to community-responsive schooling.

And read our latest guest blog, written by Abby McCartney, Director, Early Care and Education, Afton Partners and Carrie Stewart, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Afton Partners, about Applying Authorizing Principles in the Early Childhood Field.

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