NACSA passes the mic to EnTere Ed Collective

NACSA passes the mic to EnTere Ed Collective

As we think about the future of education—especially for kids who look like us—it’s hard not to also reflect on where we’ve come from. Countless folx of color have paved the way for the work we do with the EnTere Ed Collective and the THRIVE model—a group that empowers Black, Brown, and Indigenous authorizers and authorizer-adjacent professionals.

Our vision is to revolutionize the K-12 charter school education sector by elevating equity, authenticity, and innovation, inspired by historical figures, ancient traditions, and cultural values. Our unique approach to the work we do in the charter school sector is built on four attributes:

Holistic Leadership: THRIVE places the adult human experience at its core, fostering self-discovery and encouraging individuals to infuse their leadership style with their full identity. This holistic model recognizes the importance of self-care, understanding that effective leadership stems from personal well-being.

Community-Centered Model: THRIVE is built upon shared norms and practices that promote connection and support among Black, Brown, and Indigenous professionals in the K-12 charter education sector. We believe in the power of community to drive transformation and provide a safe space for collective growth.

Cultural Relevance: We leverage the ancestral, historical, and inherent knowledge, skills, and abilities of marginalized communities. This culturally relevant approach empowers participants to embrace the richness of their experiences and identities.

Inclusivity and Innovation: THRIVE represents a pioneering approach to leadership development, fostering an inclusive environment where participants are invited to reimagine and expand their leadership frameworks. This innovative journey is not solely about leadership; it’s about transformation, self-discovery, and the profound impact that occurs when individuals bring more of themselves into their roles.

Our community has flourished over the last several years—we now have more than 115 members in the collective. But the work is not finished. We encourage you to come on this journey with us. Here’s how:

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