Our Work

Too many children lack access to a school that will prepare them for a successful life.

Our work focuses on four strategies to help charter school authorizers open new schools, close underperforming schools, and improve and expand good schools—ultimately leading to millions of children receiving a better education.

Developing an Evidence Base

NACSA grounds its work in evidence, not rhetoric. We regularly collect and analyze data on authorizers and charter schools to identify important levers for change.


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Widely Strengthening Authorizing Practices

When done well, authorizing is a catalyst for charter school quality and growth. NACSA provides resources and hands-on training to help authorizers implement best practices, customized support to help authorizers solve their greatest challenges, and talent programs to develop authorizing professionals and build the profession.

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Influencing State and Federal Policy

Effective education policies create a foundation for positive outcomes for children. NACSA develops policy resources and analyses to help local and national stakeholders address common authorizing issues and increase the number of high-quality schools available to their students.

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Demonstrating that Authorizing Matters

The link between authorizing and school quality is often misunderstood or misrepresented in the public education debate. As a leadership organization, we work to  increase awareness of the importance of charter authorizing among key audiences, including policymakers and the media.

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