Parental Involvement & Notification

Parental Involvement & Notification

Authorizers should be aware that schools also have a duty to keep parents of EL students informed about their identification, assessment, placement in the EL program, and progress. Within 30 days of the start of the school year, schools must provide parents of EL students with written notice (in a language that they understand) of initial or continuing placement in the EL program.

This notice must be in the parent’s native language and must include the following information:

  • The level of English proficiency and how that level was assessed
  • The method of instruction and other available methods of instruction
  • How the program will meet the educational needs of the student
  • Graduation requirements
  • Exit requirements
  • LEP students and special education;
  • The right of parents to remove their student from the program or refuse services


Tool #4: Placing and Notifying Parents

Tool #8: Translating/Interpreting Materials