Programmatic Expectations

To monitor the implementation of a school’s EL plan, some authorizers require the maintenance of English Language Development (ELD) plans.

Colorado Charter School Institute

The Colorado Charter School Institute (CSI), for example, demands not only the creation of an ELD plan, but it also compels schools to update their ELD plans as needed. Specifically, CSI requires its schools’ ELD plans to include the following components:

  • Introduction
  • Identification of the primary language other than English (PHLOTE)
  • Assessment of EL students
  • Instructional program and education approaches for EL students
  • Staffing and professional development
  • Reassessment, reclassification, and exiting
  • Equal access to other charter school programs
  • Parent and community involvement
  • Program evaluation, review, and improvement

By requiring this detailed information, CSI ensures its schools’ ELD plans are living, breathing, evolving documents–not just prospective plans submitted in charter applications or aspirational plans disconnected from the problem solving and adjustments often required as EL programs are delivered and refined.