Key Considerations: School Accountability Stage

Special Education Toolkit

School Accountability Stage (Review and Renewal)

Most charter laws do not specifically require authorizers to consider special education in the renewal process. Rather, the laws require that authorizers assess the degree to which the charter school is meeting its goals and objectives and its compliance with federal and state laws. Special education and specifically the performance of students with disabilities should be considered explicitly as a regular part of the school’s progress toward meeting its overall goals and not an afterthought. Failure to fulfill obligations related to special education could be a criterion contributing to non-renewal.

You should consider:

  • Has the charter school consistently followed its own policies regarding special education?
  • Has the charter school been the subject of any informal or formal complaints related to special education service delivery or procedures?
  • If there have been problems with special education considerations, how has the school addressed them?
  • Is there evidence of parents expressing satisfaction or frustration with the school over special education issues?
  • Throughout the charter term, has enrollment of students with disabilities lagged behind that of the local district?
  • Has the school retained the students with disabilities that have enrolled?
  • Have students with disabilities performed well academically?

See Appendix H, Special Education Review and Audit Policy

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