Authorizer Food Services Checklist for Charter School Authorizers

Checklist: Authorizer Review of Charter School Food Services Plans

Authorizers can help ensure equitable access to charter schools through the equitable provision of food services by reviewing and reflecting on charter school food services plans. The checklist below offers some questions to consider and resources to refer to when reviewing a charter school’s food services plan.

  1. Does the school anticipate qualifying, or already qualify, for the Community Eligibility Provision?
  2. Does the school have a written unpaid meal charge policy?
  3. Does the school anticipate or already have a contract with a food service management company? If so, does that contract comply with federal regulations for third-party contracts?
  4. Is the school familiar with and adhering to service requirements, including nutritional standards, food and facilities safety, and staff professional standards?
  5. Will (or does) the school abide by federal procurement rules for food services?
  6. Will (or is) the school accommodating students with disabilities as well as dietary and cultural restrictions in their food services program?

Additional Information

Overview: Federal Food Services Programs Regulations & Requirements