2019 NACSA Leadership Conference

2019 NACSA Leadership Conference: Gateways to Impact

Save the Date: October 21 to 24, 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri

Our conference is for authorizers, by authorizers. This year, authorizers have two ways to shape our programming:


Programming Survey

Tell us which topics are the most timely, intriguing, and impactful to your work by taking this five-minute survey.

Call for Proposals

Submit a session proposal for the session you’d like to deliver to conference attendees by June 3. Not sure? More information below.

Call for Proposals, What You Need to Know

NACSA will judge submissions based on pertinence to our conference strands and overall relevance to critical issues in the authorizing sector. Proposals are due by June 3, 2019. Selections of presenters will be made via email on or before July 31, 2019. Presenters will be given registration discounts.

Proposal Requirements

Submit your proposals online. It’s easy. We’re looking for:

  • Presentation summary (2-3 paragraphs),
  • 100-word bio of presenter(s), and
  • 4-5 slide PowerPoint “pitch deck”

Please indicate if you are open to participating in a panel related to your proposal or are open to a modification of your proposal.

Our Attendees

Our attendees come from all corners of the country. They’re authorizers of all types, including districts, commissions, state education agencies, nonprofits, and higher education institutions. We also welcome charter school operators and board members, as well as a diverse group of education innovators, advocates, and policymakers.

Our attendees care the most about learning from experts and networking with peers.

Conference Strands

Quality School Openings: This strand addresses topics like application processes, capacity interviews, approval criteria, pre-opening, and contracting among many others.

Monitoring and Overseeing Schools: From performance frameworks to site visits, intervention triggers to annual reporting, and audits to renewal, this strand covers a broad scope of day-to-day authorizing responsibilities.

Expanding Quality Schools: The strand explores how authorizers can help schools expand and grow. Topics may include capacity assessment, contract amendments, and more.

Closure, Learnings, and Challenges: School closure impacts students in significant ways. This strand addresses topics like closure protocols, governing board relationships and communications, voluntary surrender, student transitions, barriers to closure, and more.

Session Formats

Insight Talk: Solo reflections, candid case study, strategic considerations. 30-40 min, breakout session.

Panel: Classic NACSA panel break-outs. 75 min, breakout session. 

Workshop: An in-depth, instructional program with takeaways and hands-on learning. 75-90 minutes, breakout session

Tool Demo: Authorizer-led demo of a “plug and play” resource or tool. 30-40 min, breakout session.

Pecha Kucha: 5 Minute Speaker-led talks featuring 20 slides that change every 20 seconds. Can be personal or professional.  What’s Pecha Kucha? Watch this video to learn a little about the format.