Capacity Interview Resources

Authorizers use face-to-face interviews to evaluate a wide range of charter school proposals while maintaining high standards. When done well, capacity interviews allow school leadership to demonstrate their ability to run a successful school, not just their ability to craft an application that checks all the boxes.

An effective interview process requires significant staff time and resources. Our guidance and adaptable tools can help authorizers establish or refine their practices to ensure a rigorous and organized information-gathering process.


Capacity Interviews 101: One-page overview of the basics of the interview process.
Fine Tuning Your Capacity Interviews: Tips on how to strengthen an established interview process.

Plug & Play Resources

Capacity Interview Training for Evaluators: Sample PowerPoint to help align all evaluators on how to execute a successful interview.

Interview Preparation Form: Quickly distill the most critical issues and concerns from your application review findings.

Sample Interview Questions: Common questions and scenarios grouped by question type and application section.

Opening Script Template: Deliver a standardized overview to all interview participants.

Example Performance Tasks: Template exercises and scenarios to help test the collective skills of your applicant groups during the interview.


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