Author: Karega Rausch

New School Application

What’s possible today? Who can start new, high-quality, innovative, and equitable schools? Is it possible for community members, talented educators, or the next generation of leaders to start a new school that … Read More

2022 Reflections with Karega

Agency. Acceleration. Autonomy.  You couldn’t miss these words, prominently displayed throughout the school. But these were not just words on walls: I saw how students, teachers, and administrators took those beliefs seriously. … Read More

State of Charter Authorizing Report

Authorizing is the most consequential public school governance reform of the past two decades. For the last 20+ years, authorizers have been creating a new landscape, where school autonomy—balanced by fierce accountability … Read More

Authorizing by the Numbers

We spend plenty of time talking about the why and how of our work, as we seek to ensure more high-quality, innovative, and equitable educational opportunities for children. But every few years, … Read More

COVID-19 Recovery: The Real CSP Priority

As we begin our COVID-19 recovery efforts, families and communities are demanding innovative, community-centered, high-quality educational opportunities that meet the unprecedented challenges students are facing. The charter school sector is at the … Read More